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Sashi De is on a quest, seeking culinary stories from around the world; as a veteran traveler and filmmaker, he has scoured the globe over the last decade in search of stories and experiences for his audience; Maximum Foodie® is a catalog of the stories highlighting the world’s best chefs; the kind of culinary topics that will thrill, fascinate and intrigue food lovers worldwide. 



EPISODE 1/2: Hong Kong - Michelin Madness

EPISODE 3/4: India - Coast to Coast

EPISODE 5/6: Philippines - Cacao

EPISODE 7/8: Vietnam - Hanoi

EPISODE 9/10/11: Bali - Lost in Paradise

EPISODE 11/12/13: Thailand - Soul of Bangkok

EPISODE 13-15: Maldives - Island Vibes

EPISODE 16: Serbia

EPISODE 17: Cyprus - Dining in the Island of love

EPISODE 18: Thessaloniki

EPISODE 19: Mauritius

EPISODE 20: Italy


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