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This video has been deleted.


Synopsis: Human Nature is the story of Dutch ex-special forces, Edwin Wiek, who started the Wildlife Friends Foundation, a NGO organization that rescues and rehabilitates the wildlife of Thailand. Edwin was granted the vast land where WFFT sits by a Abbott at the Petchaburi province monastery with the specific purpose of rescuing animals. This sanctuary has blossomed into a large-scale international organization with scores of rotating volunteers, a full time medical staff, and a space the size of a community college campus, filled with over a hundred species of wildlife!

Human Nature tracks the daily grind of Edwin, and his rag-tag team of international volunteers - a wildlife reality series unlike any other, where viewers get an intimate look into Edwin's life; Rescuing animals from the most unexpected locations like monasteries or gas stations; conducting daring undercover raids to retrieve orangutans from markets. No one, including the production team knows what will happen next, at WFFT. The only thing we can count on is the determination of Edwin and Human Nature. 

Format: 25x60'HD (50FPS)

PRE SALE: SD Media is offering this novel concept as a pre-sale option - We have the exclusive rights for the concept/series and with Edwin and WFFT. 

Budget: 26,000 per episode (26,000USD x 15 = 390,000USD)

Timeline: Pre-production: 30 days from greenlight | Production: 90 days | Post: Begins from wrap of first episode, each episode delivered within 45 days from wrap of principal photography

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