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GEO5 provides two types of outputs: a list of simulation results and a post-processed data set. First, the geotechnical analysis of a concrete specimen is performed, which is provided with a detailed list of parameters and values. Subsequently, a data file with the simulation results is created. GEO5 can calculate geotechnical properties of a concrete block (Strength, Elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio, Shear modulus, Wall boundary conditions) as well as concrete beam (Failure criteria), beams and columns (Failure criteria, Safety factors). It is also possible to analyze the structure of a pile and the consolidation of the surrounding soil. The performed simulations are displayed graphically. Depending on the available output option, the results are presented in two modes: in a table and in graphs. GeoDesign is a geotechnical design program for a wide range of building constructions: from single blocks to multi-storied and high-rise buildings. GEO5 can calculate the strengths and elastic moduli of beams, columns and subsoil reinforcement. The calculation results are stored in a data file, so that they can be later used for the dynamic analysis. Moreover, the dynamic analysis is possible. For that purpose, a set of seismic or loading records is required, the analysis is performed and the results are displayed as graphs. The program is based on the principle of FEM (finite element method). The analysis is performed by applying all the possible stresses and deformations of the elements of a concrete construction in a geometrical model. In order to obtain meaningful results, the program is supported by a range of input options, which allows the user to choose the appropriate input values. GEO5 allows the analysis of the earthquake response of structures such as single-storey and multi-storey buildings and their respective foundations. In the laboratory, the natural frequency of a structure is determined as a function of a number of inputs. A set of time-domain waveforms with characteristic frequencies is applied to the model of the structure, and the calculated natural frequency is compared with the measured values. The analysis of a set of records (waveforms) is supported by a number of input options (e.g. the recording period, number of cycles for the displacement records, sampling frequency). GEO5 can also calculate the damage of concrete structures due to earthquakes or non




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Geo 5 Crack Download Hit

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