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Wrapping up 2021 in an epic way! 5 countries in 60 days! Part 1: MOTOGP

2021 was quite the rebound for us at SD Media. After navigating the murky waters of post pandemic travel for all of 2020, it was a relatively easier process for most of this year where the main requirement was proof of vaccination. To really catch up on a batch of content I decided to schedule the following locations, Serbia, Greece, and Cyprus! What ended up happening was a whole lot more!

  • Starting off with MotoGP in Spain!

I decided to attend the AragonGP in Spain, my first MotoGP event. I wanted to see Valentino Rossi race before his impending retirement, and this was my only chance given my crazy schedule. So I went for it - I booked a VIP ticket and set off to Spain. Bouncing around Barcelona and Madrid, got to hang out with some very good friends of mine, explore the cities I've always wanted to visit!

(Driving enroute to Aragon (don't drive while recording!)

I ended up booking an Airbnb in Val De Robres, and the area is as picturesque as it gets! Only a 30 minute jaunt from the circuit, this was my respite. Far better than staying in a crowded hotel, all of which were booked! This ended up being much better, as you can see !

The main events are Saturday/Sunday with Q1/Q2 taking place on Sat and the main event, the race on Sunday.

The VIP experience was quite cool, you're situated in a dedicated area right above the main paddock, there's fantastic amenities, loads of screens, VIP access to grid, a stellar view of the start/finish straight line, personalized attention, BMW x5 track ride (around the service lanes), as well as top notch catering throughout the day.

Well, that should give you a pretty good look into my first MotoGP experience! I definitely recommend checking out one of the races, the speed and skill seen firsthand is unbelievable. The TV cameras barely do it justice because the sensation of speed doesn't come across.

Still to come on my blog, the actual discussion of my epic production shoot for Maximum Foodie that took place in Serbia, Thessaloniki, and Cyprus! Check back later for this one!

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