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Seychelles tourism in 2021

Date: June 2021

Hotels Covered:

  • Constance Ephelia

  • Hilton Labriz

  • Four Seasons Mahe Island

  • Four Seasons Desroches Island

I was very fortunate to visit Seychelles in June 2021, right after the African island nation opened up it's borders for international tourism. Once again, a Maximum Foodie shoot enabled me to visit a new destination that had not been on my travel radar!

Flying into Mahe island and picking up a car was an easy enough affair - surprisingly, the airport was super crowded due to the very recent Israel/Palestine conflict, so a throng of Israelis were heading back home under the emergency conditions. This meant, the island was drained of it's recent influx of travelers.


Driving around an island is one of my favorite ways to see all the sights and sounds. Its economical, at roughly 35USD a day, you can zip around to your delight, entirely on your own agenda.

Soon as I exited the airport area, I was greeted with beaches. Everywhere! Just right off the road, even ! My mind immediately wanted me to stop and check them out, but I knew there's a ton of options on the road ahead. I mean, this is what Seychelles is known for, it's beaches!

My first night, I decided to check out the Constance Ephelia resort on the mid-Western side of the island. It's a luxury property and it's grounds are MASSIVE! Like straddling both sides of the island massive!


Constance Ephelia's sprawling property size is truly amazing! With a private beach, it is an amazing place to walk around and explore. On the grounds you will find multiple swimming pools and lounge areas, a tortoise sanctuary, and an astounding amount of in-house restaurants. The only way to get around unless you want to log over 20k steps a day, the best way to get around is on shared buggies!

Overall, it was a super relaxing place to chill, I wouldn't say its the most high-end luxury resort i've been to, but I did enjoy the sprawling space, the gorgeous private beach, the wealth of dining options, and the sheer number of pool and lounging areas!



FOOD: 4 / 5 AMENITIES: 4 / 5


The remainder of this Seychelles blog to be updated soon!

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