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Maximum Foodie in Vietnam!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Maximum Foodie goes to Vietnam, more specifically Hanoi! I've been there back in 2014 filming the Road less Traveled so it is a city that I am quite comfortable with!

The premise for the episode was simple, boots on the ground, explore modern Vietnamese cuisine. Hanoi is the best representation of the country as its the home of Franco-Vietnamese cuisine, and as a capital, its the trendsetter for the rest of the nation.

The storyline also championed the fact that we had no pre production set. It was just a matter of me, exploring the cuisine hands on. My friend and local boy, Hoan from Number 1 Travel in Hanoi was my guide to everyday eats. From Bun cha to a humble bowl of pho, to hot vit lon (fetal duck egg), banh goi, bun oc, and so much more. Ultimately, I did see a fine trail of French influence in the cuisine, which became the theme of the episode.

It was a blast being able to scooter around the city of Hanoi, traffic was surprisingly decent. Got to ride over the iconic Long Bien bridge during rush hour! Last time, back in 2014 we were pedaling a tandem bike over the bridge.. (long story).

The Sofitel Legend Metropole of Hanoi was our EXTREMELY gracious hosts for the episode; I got to check out their amazing and recently discovered Vietnam war era underground bunker! Also got to track the true tale of the Egg Coffee drink and how it came to be, the Sofitel plays an important part in it!

Overall it was a blast and I'm so keen to explore other parts of Vietnam in the near future! I will certainly be back for more foodie adventures!!


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