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Gearing up for the next batch of filming!

Its that moment in time where we've been home for a month (for the crew, its California!); we've assimilated back into our normal routine back home. Right at the end of the 30 day mark, with metronomic precision, we all feel the pang of 'adventure'. Its the calling to get back on the road, and do what we have been doing for the better part of a decade! Travel the world, film, and share our adventures with a worldwide audience.

In the month of down time, I'm usually finalizing edits for delivery, which can be intense, as I'm scrutinizing every frame of a 44 minute program. But on the side, pre-production is constantly in the process. We're reaching out to hotel partners, resorts, tourism boards, segment partners, as well as doing raw research. Oh yeah, I'm also usually coming up with new show ideas in this time period as well!

So, what do we have in the cards? From April, looking at jetting over to Vietnam (Hanoi) for a Max Foodie shoot, then Philippines, then Bali, and although not finalized yet, Sri Lanka, right after! We usually film for a 10-14 day time period in each location, take a breather for a few days, and then pop over to the next destination.

Its going to be an epic next few months, and a lot more info about the new season Max Foodie will be coming out. For now, its all about research, pre production, getting new gear ready, and logistics.

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